About Me! 

atlanta boudoir photographer

See Your Beauty Shine

My name is Vania and I love what I do.

As cheesy as that sounds, I feel passionate about empowering women to look and feel their best, to ooze self-confidence and feel like they are the most beautiful girl in the room. Because you are! I want you to embrace all your curves and smile, and know there's only you and you are gorgeous!

I am a plus size girl, I grew up being bullied not just for my name, or being an immigrant, but also because, bless me, I got boobs too early. Women already get berated daily for not being enough and so we don’t usually feel enough. But I am empowered but the women in my life, my friends, every day to kick ass. I am a nerd, and I love Star Wars, but also have an incredibly embarrassing large collection of makeup. I’m also an aspiring writer. You can be all things, and love all your passions equally.

My greatest passion is making women feel empowered, strong, sexy. I want to remind you of your beauty. I want you to see what your significant other sees. Because when you’re feeling gorgeous you can take on the world and the world needs more of us bad ass chicks to run the world. Yes, I might be quoting Beyonce, but who wouldn’t want to be as confident as she?