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Boudoir Photography is For Every Woman Who Wants to be Seen.

As a busy Atlanta woman myself, I know how hard you work every day for yourself, your family, your friends, your significant other.
I see you! I see the love and sacrifice you give to others. I see how much you feel for others and the world around you. I see how you earn every moment for yourself. I see how you want to feel empowered and awesome and be surrounded by love and positivity.
That's my job. When you walk in my studio, when you get your images and every time you open your album it’s my job to slow life down to remind you that you are gorgeous and a boss babe!

Every time you look at your images I want you to be reminded and how hot you are! How strong and beautiful and independent! I’m here to showcase your sexy curves, your radiant smile, and your inner warrior! An every day Goddess.

So don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about what one of Atlanta’s top boudoir photographers can do for you. Let’s grab coffee and chat about ideas and wardrobe so when you step into my cozy home studio you’ll feel at ease to shine no matter what you’re wearing.

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Beauty Comes From Within, We Just Help It Shine.